Five Times Overpaid Pop Brats Needed To Get A Grip In 2015

Zayn casually disregarding a sign on a wall Credit InstagramZayn MalikZayn casually disregarding a sign on a wall - Credit: Instagram/Zayn Malik

Pop stars seem to have it all, money, fame and – usually – some musical talent to boot (although I use the word ‘talent’ loosely).

Sometimes the fame and the fortune goes to their heads, though, and they start acting like spoilt little kids, in a way that seems embarrassing to any normal person but probably feels quite normal to them.

As such, I think it’s important to call them out when this happens, in an attempt to make them realise how ridiculous they’re being – although I feel this is probably done in vain.

Here are five pop brats that needed to get a grip in 2015:

Kanye West Every Day Of His Life

canadian pressCanadian Press

For Kanye the need to get a grip probably comes every day, but I’ve narrowed it down to one incident otherwise we’d be here forever.

Remember when he stormed off stage after his mic stopped working in Canada?

Mr West threw down his microphone and stormed off the stage after 13 minutes of his performance at a ceremony to mark the end of the Pan Am Games, leaving the 40,000 strong audience completely confused.

And the incident birthed this amazing GIF:

Kanye Gif

Literally the GIF that keeps on GIFfing.

When Justin Bieber Kept Storming Off Everything

Vodafone YuVodafone Yu

Justin Bieber had a bad week back in October.

The young scamp kicked it off by walking out of a Spanish radio interview when the hosts asked him to help ‘break the internet’.

He left the show in a bit of a sulk, and it seems he was still feeling it the next day when he performed in Norway.

His adoring fans got a little carried away and spilled drink on the stage, then when he tried to wipe up the mess they wouldn’t stop trying to touch him, causing him to storm off.

Looks like Justin’s started to get his man-period. What a confusing time this must be for the little scamp.

Ariana Grande Proved She Can’t Be Left Unsupervised In A Doughnut Shop

Mark SaglioccoFilmMagicMark Sagliocco/FilmMagic

Ariana Grande got a bit carried away in a doughnut shop…

The singer walked into the store and proceeded to ‘maliciously lick’ several of the sugary treats. The incident went viral, and for some reason even the police paid her a visit.

Footage from the shop’s security camera leaked and spread like wildfire after TMZ published it.

That wasn’t the only thing to cause outrage though, as when a fresh tray of doughnuts is brought out Grande can be heard saying: “What the fuck is that? I hate Americans. I hate America. That’s disgusting.”

‘Disgusting’? Those in glass houses…

Zayn Malik Got Deep With Some Selfies

Zayn casually disregarding a sign on a wall Credit InstagramZayn MalikZayn casually disregarding a sign on a wall - Credit: Instagram/Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik used to be in hit pop-brat group One Direction, but he left earlier this year to make it as a solo artist – to take his career in a new direction, if you will.

Since leaving the boy band Zayn Malik has become lost, spending his time taking moody black and white selfies, staring into the distance and pushing his breasts together in an attempt to find meaning in a world that appears to lack any.

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

The life of a sulky young millionaire can be a struggle. Having an estimated net worth of about $20 million can place a lot of pressure on you, forcing you to take your top off, light up a cigarette and stare into the middle distance. It happens.

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

If you feel Zayn’s pain then please donate a jumper or t-shirt today – together we can eradicate emotional topless selfies forever.

Madonna’s On-Stage Sexual Rampage


Madonna went rogue this year, getting freaky on stage at every available opportunity.

First up was Drake at Coachella, when the 56-year-old pop goddess swooped up behind him and started necking off with him for a while.

She then walked off stage, and the rapper didn’t look particularity happy with the kiss.

Probably just a one off though, right? Wrong, Madonna had a go with Katy Perry at another gig later in the year.

She brought Perry out at her Rebel Heart tour concert in Los Angeles, then proceeded to bend her over, spank her, scold her, then hand her a banana. As you do.

You’ve been warned guys, you better think twice before you start behaving like spoilt pop-brats next year, or Madonna might get you.

Or not, it’s always fun writing about the ridiculous shit you do…