Five Times The Kardashians Outdid Even Themselves This Year

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The Kardashians are one of the most families in the world.

Everyone knows who they are, they’re in the headlines all the time, and they’ve made a fuck load of money by doing very little.

While they might be in the money, they’re never far from controversy, and there are certainly a few things that the famous women and their extended family have done this year, that qualifies as pretty special – and not in the good way.

With that in mind, here are the top five ways they’ve outdone even themselves.


Saint West

Naming a baby ‘North’ when your last name is West is bad enough, but to name a kid Saint? Come on now.

Kim and Kanye might be a power couple, but their taste in baby names is shocking.

The world waited to see what their newborn son would be called, and they didn’t disappoint.

While the UK’s royal family went with a nice ‘Charlotte’ for their royal baby, America’s first family went in a different direction altogether.

kylie lipsE Online

Kylie’s lip challenge

Possibly the most ridiculous thing on the list, and one that is dangerous as well.

To get the Kylie Jenner lips, people were using shot glasses, sucking them on their lips to make them swell up and look bigger.

There were various horror stories from people who had done it and ended up with injuries – and all the while the Jenner sibling was building up her social media followers.

Kylie denies she’s had surgery or that she uses such methods to change her facial features, but considering just how many young and impressionable fans she has, this was a major faux pas.


Yeezy for President

Obviously a better choice than Donald Trump, but not exactly something that most people would be happy with.

Kanye, the self absorbed, self obsessed ego centric dude that is wants to run for president, and could even have a running mate in Taylor Swift – something most people wouldn’t have seen coming.

The dude makes pretty good music, rocks Yeezys but leader of the Free World? Come on now.

disRadar Online

The Lord

Lord Disick might be on his way out of the family should the long suffering Kourtney finally end their relationship for good, but the party boy doesn’t seem bothered.

While his girlfriend was at home taking care of their three kids, he was pictured partying it up in various exotic locations, with different women.

He eventually checked into rehab, but it’s not the first time that’s happened, and probably won’t be the last either.


Kanye West does Glasto

Kanye delivered the headline set at Glastonbury this year, and while he certainly does the business in terms of the music he makes, his ego is second to none.

He called himself the ‘greatest living rock star’ on the planet, was described by critics as ‘mad
and infuriating’ and was pretty much everything you’d expect and more.

Oh, and of course Kim was watching him.

The whole thing was made better by stage invader/funny man Lee Nelson, who made it a performance to remember.