Five-Year-Old Albino Girl Killed And Dismembered In Burundi

Matt Rourke/PA/File Photo

A five-year-old albino child has reportedly been kidnapped, dismembered, and killed in Burundi.

Officials have claimed the murder of the young girl is related to regional witchcraft, and The Independent have said it is the first reported murder of someone with albinism in Burundi for four years.

Local administrator Marie-Claudine Hashazinka told AFP:

Gunmen broke into the girl’s home around 1:00 in the morning Wednesday, they attacked her parents before taking her

Matt Rourke/PA/File Photo

Sky News claim that neighbours gave chase to the gunmen and were the ones who later discovered her mutilated body.

Police are allegedly certain the attack was motivated by the girl’s albinism as nothing else was taken from the property. A full investigation has been launched.

It is reported by Sky that since 2008 20 albino people have been killed in the eastern African country, with a lucrative black market existing for albino corpses.

According to the Red Cross a complete albino skeleton can sell for $75,000 (roughly £52,000).