Five-Year-Old Girl Has Something Disgusting Pulled From Her Eyelash


Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. 

If you’re eating or plan to eat in the next 4-6 years then I highly recommend not watching this video. You can live without seeing it.

Who am I kidding, you’re clearly going to watch it so I might as well just tell you the story.

A five-year-old girl from China visited a hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province because she could feel ‘something slimy’ on her eyes despite the fact she’d washed them.

Here’s the grim bit. You ready?

When doctors took a closer look at the young girl’s eye they found pubic lice in her eye lash. Not one. No. Nine fucking lice and 20 eggs.

Here’s the video, you freak.

Pubic lice are usually caught by bodily contact with an infected person and are not related to poor hygiene.

I did tell you not to watch it, didn’t I? Why did you watch that?