FKA Twigs Alleges Shia LeBeouf Needed Control Over Her So Much He Was Prepared To ‘Kill Them Both’

by : Cameron Frew on : 18 Feb 2021 16:44
FKA Twigs Alleges Shia LeBeouf Needed Control Over Her So Much He Was Prepared To 'Kill Them Both'CBS/PA Images

FKA Twigs has further discussed abuse allegations against Shia LaBeouf, alleging the actor needed so much control over her that he ‘would rather kill them both’.

The singer-songwriter filed a lawsuit against LaBeouf accusing him of sexual battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress after ‘relentless abuse’ during their relationship. The suit also includes allegations from ex-partner Karolyn Pho.


In her first television interview with CBS This Morning, FKA Twigs – real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett – has spoke more on the allegations against LaBeouf, which he’s denied.

She told Gayle King: ‘I was always told that, you know, I was special and to look after my heart and to look after the light inside my chest and when I was with Shia, that light got blown out. And I just didn’t think that that could happen.’

At first, FKA Twigs said he would perform ‘romantic’ gestures like jumping over her fence to leave flowers, poems and books at her door. ‘But that quickly changed… now I think, that’s inappropriate to jump over the fence of where I’m living. That’s breaking a boundary. But it didn’t stop there. You know, his behaviour became gradually more and more abusive,’ she said.

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When asked if there was a moment she knew she had to reconsider the relationship, she recounted a ‘really disturbing trip to a spa in the desert’ which ‘descended into one of the worst, you know, like, long weekends, that I’d had in the whole of my life.’

She explained: ‘It resulted in him speeding down the motorway and saying that if I left him, or if I say, if I said that I didn’t love him and if I was gonna leave him that he would smash the car into the side of a wall and I thought wow, like, he needed so much control over me that he would rather kill us both.’

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Later, LaBeouf allegedly ‘threw her against the car and started strangling her…  I remember after that weekend, going back to where I was staying and looking at myself in the mirror, one side of me was, like, completely black. And I was so shocked, you know?’

Originally, FKA Twigs wasn’t going to file a lawsuit. ‘I wanted to ensure that he got help privately so that he couldn’t hurt anyone else the way he hurt me. I wanted him to donate money to charity, to an organisation, because when I called the helpline it was a real moment of everything changing to me,’ she said.

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However, LaBeouf declined, later releasing a statement which denied ‘many’ of the allegations, while adding: ‘I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, only rationalisations. I’ve been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years.’


Of that defence, FKA Twigs said: ‘I think it just reminds me of some of the gaslighting that I experienced when I was with him, and sort of taking some of the blame but not all of it, and then denying it.’

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