Flamethrower Drone Destroys Wasp Nests In China

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 12 Dec 2020 17:27
Flamethrower Drone Destroys Wasp Nests In ChinaNewsflare

A humanitarian group in China is using a flamethrowing drone to destroy nests of wasps.

Blue Sky Rescue, which is said to the country’s biggest non-governmental humanitarian group, is using the makeshift device in a bid to eradicate the hundreds of wasps’ nests plaguing locals in a village called Zhong.


A group of volunteers managed to successfully raise 80,000 yuan (£9,200) in order to buy a drone, which was later fitted with a petrol tank and an arm-length nozzle.

You can check out the device in action here:


The clip shows the organisation putting the unusual device to good use, as it carefully hovers into position, before unleashing an impressive burst of fire, like a dragon out of a film.


The nest, which is made out of wood pulp, is immediately eradicated as it’s engulfed by the flames.

‘The burning ashes of the wasp’s nest gradually peeled off and fell, and the surrounding residents applauded and praised the rescue team,’ a local state-run paper wrote, as per Sky News.

Flamethrower Drone Destroys Wasp Nests In ChinaNewsflare

So far, the campaign has been 11 nests destroyed, with around 100 left to go. However, the cull is important to locals because wasp and hornet stings have caused a number of deaths in rural parts of the country, like Zhong, because it can take a long time to get medical attention following a sting.


In nearby Sichuan, more than 100 people are reported to have died from severe wasp stings in 2013 alone, proving the importance of eradicating the nests.

It might not be the most conventional method of nest removal, but you absolutely can’t knock their ingenuity.

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