Flat-Earther’s Beach Sign Has Finally Settled Things Once And For All


For some baffling reason, some people choose to believe the world is flat – why?… I don’t even pretend to know, in fact, thinking about it gives me a migraine.

What proof do they have? Not an awful lot and what little evidence they do have is, to put it politely, laughable – to put it less politely, it’s moronic.

Take the sign below for example – which was put up by Eric Duboy in New Zealand – it perfectly demonstrates the level of intelligence we’re dealing with:

Facebook/Stephen Voss

The sign, which was spotted by Dr Stephen Voss, (who then posted it on Facebook), implores people to ‘wake up’ and ‘do the research’, which I’m guessing equates to watching YouTube videos in their mom’s basements.

Dr Stephen Voss told The Sun

I was unaware of any local flat-earth group, so it’s a bit of a surprise. Of course this sign may just be from a single nutter rather than a whole group of them.

I’d like to think us Kiwis are a little less susceptible to this nonsense.


Mr Dubay, the man who put up the sign, describes himself as a 34-year-old American living in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun part-time and exposes the New World Order full-time.

Alright then.

He also produced the documentary 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball, a riveting documentary which exposes the New World Order’s attempt to convince us all the world is round.

Admittedly, his reasons remain a mystery to me because I don’t think I have the patience to sit through a two hour documentary based on the academic equivalent of fairy dust.

Unfortunately 1,772,630 people have bothered to watch the video, hopefully as a joke and not because they think our planet is a disc.

There have been numerous attempts to prove the world is flat, including the discredited Bedford Level experiment which ‘proved’ the planet wasn’t curved.

More recently the vlogger D Marble took a spirit level on a plane to prove that the Earth was flat, which of course he didn’t.