Flights Grounded And Roads Closed As Snow Chaos Hits UK


While many will be undoubtedly basking in today’s snowy goodness, spare a thought for those poor souls who’ve had their flights cancelled today – or the one’s who have to be at work!

Today, people across the United Kingdom are waking up to snow as deep as 11 inches, which has caused the Met Weather Office to issue an amber warning.

It’s also caused widespread disruption at airports and motorways across the country, including delayed flights and closed roads.

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Why is it whenever we get snow, the UK never seem to be prepared for the disruption?

North Wales and Central England are the most affected areas, as they’ve been totally covered in the white stuff (hey-oh!), with Birmingham Airport suspending all flights, giving staff time to clear the runway.

There’s also been significant snowfall overnight in Leicestershire, Worcestershire and Bedfordshire – as of this moment, Herefordshire and Shropshire are dealing with snowfall coming in at several centimetres per hour.

Met officials have gone on record to say this morning’s snowfall was heaviest in the area of Sennybridge, Wales, where depths are reaching up to 11 inches (28 cm).

Gusts of wind reaching 70mph have also been reported, which leaves some of the country’s most rural communities cut off by the cold, bitter weather.

The Met Office’s amber warning was issued, as most of central England and as well as a large radius going from Chester to Gloucester were getting hit.

Commuters on the motorway have also been advised to take caution while driving as the bad weather has made for dangerous conditions, with sections of the M1 said to be particularly severe.

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The north-bound section, stretching into Leicestershire, has been closed off, as multiple vehicles have become stranded due to a result of the harsh conditions.

Motorists have been urged not to travel unless ‘absolutely necessary’ by police in Wales and the Midlands as they deal with an increasing amount of emergency calls.