Floating Fire Ant Colonies Are The Latest Hurricane Harvey Nightmare

@FOX4 / Twitter

As the floods continue to devastate the US state of Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey over the weekend, there’s a new ‘fresh hell’.

And what I’m talking about, readers, are massive floating islands of fire ants.

It’s like something from a horror film, these creatures are known for their painful bites and they use the bodies of other dead ants as a raft. Gross.

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Houston Chronicle‘s Mike Hixenbaugh tweeted a video of the red fire ants caught up in the floods, which have claimed the lives of five people and seen more than 2,000 rescued.

People are freaking out and warning others to stay away from any floating islands of ants – not that anybody should need telling!

But this is 2017, so as if having your life washed away by a flood following a massive bloody hurricane and floating islands of fire ants isn’t enough for you, you could photoshop some images to get some social media sympathy votes like these sad saps.

But these are real, so feel free to feel scared/sad/excited/hungry for the brave snappers.

I thought flying ants were bad, this is another level.