Floods Are Coming, Here’s How To Protect Yourself From Them

by : UNILAD on : 26 Dec 2015 12:36

Britain has been hit by a series of flood warnings this festive season.


Torrential rain has devastated the UK, with warnings coming from the Met Office, and the army now called in to help.

River banks have burst and hundreds of flood alerts have been issued.


Severe flood warnings mean there is a danger to life – and the Met Office have also issued red alerts for rain in the Lancashire and Yorkshire areas, meaning again there is potential for things to turn deadly.


A number of football games have also been called off after the pitches were flooded, and people are being advised to stay safe and follow the instructions issued by the Met Office.

The ‘danger to life’ warnings are being used for the first time ever, with people being urged to ‘take action’ to stay safe.

Evacuation is also being touted as potentially necessary, along with warnings that travel could be delayed and disrupted – something people need to be aware of if they’re going to visit family or back home after Christmas Day.

People have also been advised to move valuables and follow emergency service advice when it comes to potential evacuation.


Flood Minister Rory Steward claimed:

We’re looking at potentially again today a month’s rainfall coming in a day. Certainly what we’ve seen is rainfall levels that nobody’s ever seen before.

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The Government’s emergency Cobra committee met on Christmas Day, which led to the armed forces responding to the floods in Cumbria.

The floods have caused another sinkhole to open up on the M62, causing chaos for travellers.

Twitter has also been used as a way for warnings to be posted – and for people to upload pictures of the destruction:


Stay safe people.

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