Florida Boy Scout Creates Device To Help Save People From Drowning

by : Lucy Connolly on : 28 Aug 2020 14:30
Florida Boy Scout Creates Device To Help Save People From DrowningWJHG

A 13-year-old Boy Scout has developed an ingenious device to help save people from drowning in his local community.

Kaial Hajik, from Panama City Beach, Florida, came up with the idea after hearing about the many instances of drowning in the nearby Gulf of Mexico a few months ago.


The teenager knew instantly he wanted to do something to help, so he got to work straight away on an idea to help kit people out with life-saving equipment when they need it the most.

You can find out more about his invention below:

He soon developed a device he calls the LifeBoKx, in which the ‘K’ stands for Kaial. Although the box is currently just a prototype, once completed it could be installed along beaches to help potential drowning victims.


Each box contains two life vests, a lifebuoy, instructions for CPR and ‘how to’ procedures, as well as a location number to help rescuers find those in danger more quickly.

‘It’s very simple, I would say, but it’s also very important in saving someone’s life,’ Kaial told WJHG. ‘I wanted to let people know how to actually save people from those kinds of disasters, like either currents or drownings.’

Teenager invents device to save drowning victimsWJHG

His father, Joe, said he wasn’t surprised when Kaial first came to him with his idea, with his son always wanting to find a solution to problems such as this one.


Joe explained:

I think when he saw the severity of the drownings throughout the year and the data, it drove him to [be] like, ‘I see a need, fill a need’.

Joe said timing is everything when it comes to saving a life, which is why it’s so vital each LifeBoKx has a specific location assigned to it, which ensures potential rescuers can arrive at the scene in the fastest possible time.

‘When you dial 911 [and say] ‘I’m at LifeBoKx 66 Charlie’, they’re going to know right away where they’re at,’ he explained. ‘They’re between 66 and 67. Faster first response, faster getting the first responders on site to save that life.’

boy scout creates anti drowning boxWJHG

The father and son pair are now working together to finish the prototype so they can present it to the Optimist Club of Panama City Beach, which determines the needs of the young people in its community.

They also hope to present the device to the Panama City Beach City Council, with Joe saying, ‘If you save one person it’s paid for. If you can save one life.’

What an incredible young boy.


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