Florida Man Arrested For Buying $100,000 Porsche With Fake Cheque He Printed At Home

by : Emily Brown on : 04 Aug 2020 10:50
Walton County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man was the proud owner of a fancy new Porsche for one whole day, until he was arrested for buying it with a fake cheque he’d printed at home. 

While cash has all sorts of cryptic patterns and codes to prevent people from simply printing their own bills, 42-year-old Casey William Kelley apparently thought he’d cracked the system when he created a number of fake cheques on his computer.


Last Tuesday, July 28, the Walton County man strolled into a car dealership in Destin and handed over one of his counterfeit creations in exchange for a Porsche 911 Turbo, which cost $139,203.05.


The employee at the dealership accepted the cheque, and Kelley drove away in his new ride without actually having shelled out a penny.

Following the apparent success of his first crime, Kelley attempted to buy three Rolex watches from a Miramar Beach jeweller the following day, with another of his fake cheques made out for the amount of $61,521. This time, the worker wasn’t so trusting, and they wouldn’t hand over the expensive watches until the money cleared.


In the meantime, the car dealership had attempted to cash Kelley’s cheque, only to find it wouldn’t clear.

Man buys porsche with fake chequeWalton County Sheriff’s Office

Staff reported the Porsche as stolen to Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and Kelley was arrested last Wednesday for grand theft of a motor vehicle and uttering a false banknote, according to an arrest report from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office cited by Inside Edition.

By the time the jeweller reported Kelley’s fake cheque to the authorities, he was already in custody. According to the Rolex-related arrest report obtained by Law&Crime, the bank claimed to have received a number of bad cheques from Kelley.

Mugshot of man who bought Porsche with fake chequeWalton County Sheriff’s Office

The 42-year-old told investigators he had printed the cheques on a home computer, though it’s unclear how he expected to get away with the crime when the print-outs would never have cleared. Kelley appeared to claim he was ignorant of the fact creating his own cheques was illegal, arguing he’d included the correct bank details when creating them.

The arrest report read:

Casey stated he didn’t know what the big deal was, and that since it was his account number on the check he printed out, it should be fine.


Kelley is currently being held at the Walton County Jail on $10,000 bond. He had a first appearance in court on Thursday, and has another hearing set for September 22. He has not yet entered a plea.

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