Florida Man Braves Deadly Hurricane To Shout Message To Harambe

by : UNILAD on : 07 Oct 2016 09:17


What’s more important? Live coverage of one of the strongest and deadliest hurricanes in a decade or interrupting it to shout out a message to Internet hero Harambe?


The answer is Harambe, apparently.

During a West Palm Beach news station’s live weather coverage of Hurricane Matthew, a man decided to urge viewers to take out and display their dicks for Harambe, the late western lowland gorilla shot and killed by zookeepers in Cincinnati.


Florida is already facing heavy rain and winds from the Category Four storm, and the White House has declared a state of emergency in the Sunshine State. But despite the state’s governor’s please for people to evacuate and stay sheltered, a few people (like the dicks out for Harambe guys) decided to go to the beach anyway.


And while it may seem like fun and games for those not fully experiencing the power of the hurricane in Florida yet, Matthew is not a storm to take lightly.


The death toll in Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew – the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade – has soared to more than 300, the BBC reports.

Some 50 people were reported killed in the town of Roche-a-Bateau alone, and in the nearby city of Jeremie, 80% of its building have been levelled. In Sud province, 30,000 homes were destroyed.

The hurricane, now a Category Three storm with sustained winds of 120mph, is now heading towards Florida and is expected to be the strongest since 2004 – and even stronger than Katrina.

So before you consider making light of Hurricane Matthew with a meme joke or two, spare a thought for how serious the storm actually is.

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