Florida Man Claims ‘Wind’ Blew Crack Cocaine Inside His Car

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Nov 2019 15:56
Joseph Zak St Lucie County Jail Crack CocaineJoseph Zak St Lucie County Jail Crack CocaineSt Lucie County Jail/Wikimedia

Ah, the open road. Window down, wind blowing through your hair, bags of crack cocaine flying into your car… wait.


Joseph Zak, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, got himself into a bit of hot water with local police recently.

After failing to halt at a stop sign in Fort Pierce, Zak was pulled over. However, his eventual arrest affidavit – obtained by The Smoking Gun – outlines the strange yarn he spun following a search of his vehicle.

As Zak’s car was still in motion before coming to a stop, officers reportedly saw him ‘making furtive movements’ and seemingly ‘attempting to discard an item out the passenger window’.


The 37-year-old who was described by police as confrontational, with bloodshot, ‘glossy’ eyes was also said to be looking around his car as if he was ‘attempting to conceal another item’.

Zak was soon asked to exit the vehicle and cuffed after officers noticed an open beer can in the car. They asked his permission to search the car, and quickly found a ’round glass cylinder commonly used for smoking crack cocaine’ along with a plastic bag.

Joseph Zak St Lucie County JailJoseph Zak St Lucie County JailSt Lucie County Jail

The affidavit outlines the search: 

Due to the open container violation, he was removed from the sedan and detained in handcuffs for our safety. Zak gave his consent to the search of his vehicle. A search of his vehicle revealed a glass round cylinder commonly use for smoking crack cocaine in the centre console.

A clear baggie was also located in the rear seat with a whitish residue, which tested positive for crack cocaine.

After these items were found, Zak then allegedly told police that the bag didn’t belong to him and ‘the police or the wind must have placed it’ in his car.

While no other bags were found inside the car, the 37-year-old reportedly refused to confirm whether the bag which was found belonged to the owner of the car.

Reno Motel GoogleReno Motel GoogleGoogle Maps

According to the local police, officers have previously made multiple arrests at the motel as it’s a prolific area for drugs and prostitution.

Zak was then charged for possession of paraphernalia and taken to St. Lucie County Jail. He was later released on bond and is due in court on December 3 for an arraignment hearing.

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