Florida Man Threatened To Chop Man With Machete For Not Flushing Toilet

Florida Man Machete ToiletPasco Sheriff's Office/Pexels

A Florida man was arrested after threatening to ‘chop’ a person ‘with a machete’ over an unflushed toilet. 

We’ve all been there – you walk into a toilet, be it in your home or a public bathroom, and someone hasn’t had the decency to get rid of their pee or poo.

Keith Mounts, 46, of Hudson, appears to have taken the lack of bathroom etiquette very seriously.

He was detained last weekend (August 24) after allegedly pointing the large knife at the victim’s head and saying he would ‘chop’ them.

Keith Mounts Pasco Sheriff's OfficePasco Sheriff's Office

An arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun outlines that the incident occurred in the garden of the suspect’s Becky Lane home.

While Mounts initially told police he was defending himself, he later couldn’t provide a reason as to why he would need to. He then provided the officers with a short written statement: ‘Shit happened.’

The arrest report notes: 

The defendant intentionally and unlawfully threatened to do violence to the victim. The defendant had an apparent ability to do so, and did point a machete at the victim’s face, which created a well-founded fear in the victim that such violence was imminent.

It’s not clear at the moment what the relationship is between the suspect and the victim, nor is it confirmed who forgot to flush the toilet.

A Pasco Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told Newsweek

The suspect didn’t flush and when the victim called him on it, the suspect threatened him with a machete.

After Mounts was taken into custody, he was transferred to Land O Lakes Detention Center, where he was charged with felony assault.

Mounts, who according to the jail filing was born in Ventura, California, was held on a $5,000 bond.

As far as recent Florida incidents go, it’s actually relatively tame. Earlier this month, a man was arrested after castrating someone he met on a dark web fetish site for eunuchs.

It’s not all grim: a young Florida boy had such an insatiable pizza craving that he called 911 – and the police actually delivered.

If you’re confronted with an unpleasant toilet bowl, maybe a stern request for the person to flush next time would be more sensible than wielding a machete.

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