Florida Man Turns Bucket Into ‘Leaf Blower-Powered Vehicle’

by : Mike Williams on : 18 Oct 2020 17:48
Florida Man Turns Bucket Into 'Leaf Blower-Powered Vehicle'Florida Man Turns Bucket Into 'Leaf Blower-Powered Vehicle'Storyful

A Florida man appears to have defied the laws of physics to showcase his homemade leaf blower-powered video.

The aptly named Florida Man shared the bonkers video to his 65,000 followers on Twitter, as he sped through an array of locations on what appears to be a mop bucket.


Naturally, the funny video went viral, amassing nearly 15,000 retweets and 35,000 likes since it was posted four days ago.

Check out the wacky video of Florida Man zooming down the road and through crowds, below:

The vehicle looks to be made from just a few piece of equipment: a distinctive mop bucket on wheels, a leaf blower in one hand, and an umbrella in the other – but there was one other vital piece of gear that isn’t as obvious.


Even though people were loving the footage, sceptics commented on the contraption.

‘I’m pretty sure this defies physics?’ one user said. And, it appears, others agreed.

However, the game was up once people quickly figured out that the whole thing was a stunt, after looking a little closer.


One debunked the invention and exposed the real power of the home-made vehicle.

‘It’s just an electric skateboard underneath, the blower isn’t even on (it’s a wired model),’ he said.

Another agreed, but implored Florida Man for bringing joy to people during lockdown.


‘Good eyes, detecting the wired model,’ he responded to the above tweet. ‘I didn’t notice, but of course it can’t work the way it’s supposed to. Can’t blame people cooped the pandemic for doing things like this for amusement. I’m sure they had fun putting it together.’

Either way, it’s a pretty nifty way to get around and avoid other people.

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