Florida Man Wakes Up On Christmas Eve To Find Intruder Sucking His Toes

by : Julia Banim on : 07 Jan 2020 12:28
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A man in Florida was in for a nightmarish ordeal after waking on Christmas Eve to find a home intruder sucking on his toes.

The unnamed victim had been asleep in his bedroom in Bradenton, Manatee County, in the early hours of December 24 when the intruder broke in for the expressed purpose of sucking on his toes.


When the homeowner awoke, his foot had been placed in the intruder’s mouth. After asking the stranger what exactly he was doing on his property, the intruder stated he was he ‘was there to suck toes’.

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As reported by the Bradenton Herald, a fight ensued between the pair, during which the intruder attempted to fondle the victim’s genitals before proceeding to threaten the victim by claiming to have a gun.

According to the police report, the home owner – who had been alone at the residence at the time – did not see this alleged gun, and no weapon was uncovered at the scene.


Fortunately, the victim was able to force the suspect from the home. Deputies have stated that once they were both outside, the homeowner hit the suspect in the face for approximately 30 seconds before running back inside the house to call 911.

After being removed from the property, the aggressor proceeded to smash one of the windows at the home, and repeatedly stomped on the victim’s car windshield before making his escape. This left over $1,000 worth of damages to the residence and car, as reported by The Smoking Gun.

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Deputies attempted to track the alleged toe-sucker with the assistance of a police dog, however they have so far been unable to locate the suspect.


As reported by the Bradenton Herald, DNA swabs have been taken from the homeowner’s licked toes, in a bid to trace the suspect.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office have stated that the investigation into the incident remains ongoing.


As reported by Local 10, officers have described the suspect as a bald man between the ages of 20 and 25, who stands at around 5ft11 and weighs an approximate 160lb.


If apprehended, the alleged toe-sucker will reportedly face charges of felony mischief.

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