Florida Shooting Survivor Refuses To Return To School


A Parkland school shooting survivor has refused to return to class until new gun laws are passed.

David Hogg, 17, survived the Valentine’s Day attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and has since launched the #NeverAgain movement aiming to restrict gun ownership in the US.

He and three other suvivors attended a rally at a Livingston, New Jersey synagogue promoting tighter background checks and assault rifle bans.

He said:

I’m not going back to school on Wednesday until one bill is passed.

Literally any legislation at this point would be a success. Considering the fact that so few legislators in Florida met with us and they want the people to forget, that’s disgusting.

The fact they want people to forget about this and elect them again as the child murderers they are, that’s unacceptable and we’re not going to let that happen.


He added:

Honestly, it’s disgusting. [The NRA acts] like they don’t own these politicians, but they do. They’ve gotten gun legislation passed before in their favour, in favour of gun manufacturers.’

She [Loesch] is not serving the people of the NRA, because the people that are joining the NRA, 99.9 per cent of them are amazing people that just want to be safe, responsible gun owners.

And I can fully support that.


Alongside Hogg is Emma Gonzalez, who formed the ‘March for Our Lives’ movement which will see thousands of people take part in a planned demonstration on March 24.

The group of students behind the movement are encouraging others to take to the streets and demand politicians listen to them now to prevent any further tragedies.

Lady Gaga, George Clooney and Justin Bieber are a few of the celebrities who’ve shown support for the demonstration.


Not only does Emma want politicians to listen to the calls for stricter gun control laws, she also wants to see the NRA lose its vast influence and hopefully be toppled altogether.

Since the attack, the NRA has lost the support of several companies such as Hertz, Delta and the First National Bank all of whom have pulled out of promotional contracts with the organisation.

The association put the blame for the attack on failures of both the police and high school, which lead to the hashtag #BoycottNRA trending online.

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The NRA is widely condemned for its lobbying of gun rights in America – spending an estimated $3 million a year on influencing gun policy.

The Valentine’s Day massacre is the eighth deadliest mass shooting in contemporary US history and the eighteenth to take place within the confines of a school in 2018.

That’s an astonishing 18 in 44 days. It’s the eighth school shooting to have resulted in death or injury in those seven weeks.

There were 345 mass shootings in America in 2017 alone.