Florida Woman ‘Shot Boyfriend For Snoring Too Loudly’

Mugshot of woman who shot her boyfriendBrevard County Sheriff's Office

If you’ve ever struggled to sleep because of a snoring partner, you’ll understand how frustrating it is when they just won’t shut up.

So much so, that you’ve probably kicked them in their sleep or tried to roll them over to get them to stop. Maybe you’ve even woken them up just to spite them.

But one Florida woman took things one step further when she shot her boyfriend because he was snoring too loudly, according to officials.

The 47-year-old woman, Lorie Morin, was arrested on charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office says.

As reported by ABC7, the shooting was reported on Wednesday night (March 6) at a house on Emerald Lake Drive in Brevard County.

According to deputies, initial statements from both Morin and her boyfriend suggested the shooting was accidental. However, an ongoing investigation determined the shooting occurred during a domestic violence incident between the couple because the man was snoring too loudly.

Mugshot of woman who shot her boyfriendBrevard County Sheriff's Office

Police say the dispute then escalated before Morin allegedly retrieved a shotgun and shot her boyfriend with it.

Neighbours seemingly couldn’t believe what happened, with Samantha Bobier telling ABC7:

I’ve talked to her a couple times and she’s always been really nice, and so the news is kind of shocking on it, honestly. To hear that it was over him snoring is kind of shocking. It’s kind of crazy.

Neighbour Robert Mason described the situation as ‘bizarre’, adding:

It’s so stupid, so bizarre that I can’t imagine that kind of behavior.

In a statement released by the sheriff’s office, police said both Morin and her boyfriend had been drinking both before and during the argument.

The statement read:

The investigation determined that an argument ensued between the two over the male snoring loudly.

Both parties had been drinking prior to and during the argument. The dispute allegedly escalated to a point where Morin retrieved and fired a shotgun striking the victim.

Court documents show the boyfriend had brought nasal strips with him that night, which he hoped would help his loud snoring, CTV News reports.

After the shooting, the victim – who received one gunshot wound to his torso – was taken to a local hospital. He is currently in a stable condition and is recovering from his injury.

Morin is being held at the Brevard County Jail without bond.

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