Floridian Woman Glues Eyes Shut After Eye Drop Mix-up

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2015 17:03
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When you hear a story coming out of Florida, you know the person involved is going to have been a bit of an idiot, and the latest Floridian mishap has not disappointed.


After a leaf blower managed to get dirt in Katherine Gaydos’ eye, she asked him to reach into her handbag and get her eye drops out.

Alarmingly, he managed to confuse her eye drops with nail glue, and proceeded to pour that into her eye, causing a whole heap of pain and distress.

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After calling 911, she was rushed to hospital, where a doctor had to use lidocaine to prise her eye open.


The story of course made headlines around the world, with people horrified at just how it could have happened.

She is now waiting for an operation that will hopefully remove the glue from her cornea, and will probably be applying her ‘eye drops’ herself in future.

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    Florida woman’s eye glued shut after mix-up involving super glue and eye drops