Floyd Mayweather Reveals Surprising Favourite Place In The World To Party

by : Tom Percival on : 08 Mar 2017 17:19

Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has revealed his favourite place to party when he visits the UK and it may surprise you. 

It seems that Mr Mayweather has a taste for the North (all the best people do) and is particularly fond of Newcastle even going so far as to compare it to Las Vegas, The Daily Star reports.


Of course any one who’s ever had the privilege of visiting the fine city of Newcastle, or seen Geordie Shore, knows that the city has a legendary reputation for partying.


Speaking of Geordie Shore it appears Mayweather’s a fan, or at least he’s a fan of Abbie Holborn who joined the show recently and the pair were spotted at the Livello club.

Speaking to the Daily Star Mayweather said: 


Newcastle is a lot of fun.  It’s like the Vegas of the UK, just without casinos. The people of Newcastle know how to party.

Mayweather’s something of an anglophile referring to the UK as a force in the world of boxing and adding he’s like to buy a house here.


So could Newcastle be about to get a new resident? Well, probably not…


According to Floyd, as much as he’d love to live in the city he doesn’t think he’s be able to stay away from the clubs and pubs which would get in the way of his work.


He joked: 

London will be where I buy a place, probably near Buckingham Palace as it’s got to be a place fit for a king.


Someone should probably warn the Queen.

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    Looney for Toon: Floyd Mayweather reveals love of partying in Newcastle