Flying Cars Will Be Hitting Roads/Skies Next Year


It’s been long-predicted we’d be flying around in cars ‘in the future’ – and it seems the future is now because one company is ‘accepting orders’ for them.

The AeroMobil – a flying car being built in Slovakia, will set you back a casual £1.1m, no biggie.

However even if you stump up the cash, you’ll need both a driving licence and pilot’s licence to drive one and you’ll need to get a runway put in the garden if you want one.

The two-seater car also has the ‘very latest in vehicle recovery ballistic parachutes’ and ‘pyrotechnic seat belt technology’.

It has a top speed of 99mph on the ground but the AreoMobil could travel as quickly as 223mph in the air.

The engine is being built by British engineering specialist Prodrive and is a petrol-fuelled car which works on the roads and in the air, according to The Telegraph.


Prodrive is accepting orders for the cars but is only producing a limited number of them.

As somebody who doesn’t like planes, I think I’ll stick to driving on the ground!