Foo Fighters Respond To That Video Of 1,000 Musicians Performing ‘Learn To Fly’

by : UNILAD on : 01 Aug 2015 18:56

So it didn’t take long for Dave Grohl and the lads to respond to that epic video of 1,000 musicians in Italy rocking out to one of their songs.


On Thursday, footage of the thousand people playing along to Foo Fighters’ classic ‘Learn To Fly’ went viral, with the idea behind the video to try and entice the band to fly over and play a show in a region of Italy which hasn’t seen a performance from the boys since 1997.

And it was immediately clear that Foo Fighters were impressed by the musicians’ efforts, as they posted this on Twitter shortly after the amazing video started doing the rounds:

But the real question was whether the rockers were suitably moved by the video to make the Italian fans’ dreams come true.


And, yesterday, the band responded with a short video of their own on Facebook. And, naturally, it features nicest bloke on the planet Dave Grohl being bloody nice again.

Grohl thanks the fans for their support and addresses the town of Cesena directly, in Italian:

Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena…. xxx Davide

Posted by Foo Fighters on Friday, 31 July 2015

One Facebook user kindly translated Grohl’s message. In English, he said:

Hi, Cesena! I am David, hello. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian. Only a little, a little. That video – but how beautiful! Very beautiful. Thank you very much (literally: a thousand thanks). We are arriving (coming), I promise. We’ll see each other soon. Thank you very much. I love you. Bye.

As for the one-line Facebook message above the video which reads, “Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena…. xxx Davide”, that translates to, “See you soon, Cesena…. David xxx”.

So it looks like that video did the trick then! If you somehow missed it the first time around, check it out again below.


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