Foo Fighters Troll The Westboro Baptist Church With Live Rickroll


The Foo Fighters responded quite brilliantly to a Westboro Baptist Church picket outside their show in Kansas City, fighting back by trolling the hateful group with their music.

As the gay-bashing religious group held up homophobic signs, Dave Grohl and the boys danced on the back of a truck with fans while holding up some comical signs of their own.

The song choice was particularly inspired, as the band blasted out Rick Astley’s 1987 single Never Gonna Give You Up in a live rickroll.

The band held up signs reading ‘Keep it Clean’ and ‘You Got Rick Roll’d Again’, while Dave Grohl clapped along joyously and blew kisses to the Westboro picketers, because he’s a boss.

The WBC later tried to rickroll the Foo Fighters back with their own video version of the song. But it was sh*t, like their opinions.

To be fair, this probably isn’t even the Foo’s best trolling effort against the WBC. In 2011, again in Kansas City, Grohl and his bandmates dressed up as an exaggerated country band and sang a song extolling the virtues of same-sex relationships.