Footage From Live US TV Shooting Appears To Show Killer



People from all over the world have been identifying the alleged gunman in the horrific live TV shooting that occurred in Virginia, USA, today.

Users on social media have been taking photos of the supposed killer, who, in the only footage currently available, appears to be seen for a split second pointing a handgun at the victims.

The man is currently still at large and police in Moneta, Bedford County – where the incident took place – are currently on the hunt for him.

The confirmed victims have been identified as journalist Alison Parker, 27, and camera man Adam Ward, 24. There are unconfirmed reports of a third victim.

2BAD039100000578-3211529-image-a-12_1440594947928Alison Parker, middle, Adam Ward, far right

It is currently being reported on Twitter that Ward’s fiancee, who is the morning producer of the show, was in the control room as the incident took place. It was supposedly her last day at the job.

Again, our thoughts go out to the family and friends of all those involved.

This is a breaking news story and updates will be published as they become available.