Footage Of Brutal School Fight Sparks Police Investigation


A police investigation has been launched after brutal footage of a school fight was posted online by a furious mum.

The woman originally posted the footage to Facebook with the caption: “So this is what my son had to go through…”

The clip shows a group of roughly 15 high school kids involved in the brawl – which reportedly took place in the West Midlands, reports The Mirror.

The fight appears to start between two teenage lads before a big group arrives on the scene with most of them attacking one of the two original guys.

One of the late arrivals appears to hold the kid at arms length while calling on the others to attack him.


At one point a voice can be heard shouting: 

You want some? … Make you blud, make you blud, make you blud.

The fight eventually breaks up when guy in a T-shirt and jeans comes and rescues the boy, holding him against the wall to protect him.

The mother who posted the footage says she has now visited the school twice for meetings.


A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: 

We received a report about an assault today, a complaint from a mother. We are going to takes statements in due course and will speak to the school.

Let’s just hope everyone involved gets dealt with appropriately.

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