Footage Of Divers’ Close Encounter With Killer Whales On The Hunt


What would you do if you were scuba diving in the ocean and a family of killer whales swam past?

Most people would probably sh*t themselves, but this lad grabbed his camera and went in for a closer look.

And, despite their rather sinister name, it turns out that killer whales can actually be quite friendly towards humans, especially the younger ones.

Sam Galloway, the University of Auckland student who shot the film, said:

While out for a spearfish/cray dive at Little Barrier, a pod of Orcas (Killer Whales) came cruising past us. We saw them twice as they did laps of the island, hunting stingray in the shallows. The larger ones weren’t very interested in us but the calves came in for a close look.

And the resulting footage is stunning stuff and definitely a much better way to see these magnificent creatures than when they’re cooped up in captivity. We’re not sure we’d recommend getting much closer than this lad did if you see them in the wild though!