Footage Of Football Pitch-Sized Sinkhole That Swallowed Vehicles On Australian Beach

by : UNILAD on : 27 Sep 2015 13:24
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It’s like a scene straight out of The Day After Tomorrow – a new video shows the crazy moment that a humongous sinkhole suddenly opened up on a beach in Australia, swallowing up people’s cars and caravans.


Campers were forced to flee when the hole a size of a football pitch appeared near Queensland’s Rainbow Beach at 11pm local time last night.

The sinkhole expanded so rapidly at MV Beagle Campground, Inskip Point, that it took just minutes to swallow a car, caravan, luxury camping trailer and several tents.

No-one was injured in the dramatic incident, but around 140 people had to be evacuated including several schoolchildren.


Speaking to Channel 7 News, one camper said:

The whole beach was disappearing, so I just managed to move my truck out of the way.


And experts said that there is even a possibility that the 100m by 100m hole could grow even larger due to ocean currents, with people now being urged to avoid the area.

However, scientists have been quick to point out that this doesn’t actually mean the end of the world is nigh, as sinkholes regularly occur in the area and recent earthquake activity in southern Queensland is not thought to be the cause.

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    'The whole beach was disappearing': Campers describe the terrifying moment they were forced to flee a massive sinkhole which suddenly opened up and swallowed their cars and caravans