Footage Of Soldier Assault Team’s Hilarious Fail Goes Viral

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When a group of soldiers began practicing their rescue drills, they probably thought it was just another day at work.

Step one involved crouching behind a shield while waiting for an explosive device to go off and allow them entry to a building, with step two also seemingly going off without a hitch, when the explosion went as planned.

The soldiers cover their ears, they see the head of their unit charge towards the building to begin the ‘rescue’, and at this point, things are going pretty well.

Then it all goes haywire, and in the most hilarious of ways, after the soldier who was set to follow the commander tries to, but manages to smack straight into the wall, before being thrown firmly on his backside by the impact.

His colleagues found it rather funny, and cracked up laughing, with one finding it so amusing, they uploaded it to Imgur, where it has been viewed 820,000 times.

It probably helped that the video had quite a witty title, ‘Some holes are just not big enough’, which let’s be honest, is worth the clicks alone.