Footage Of Two Men Having Brutal Fist Fight In Car Park Goes Viral


New footage shows the crazy moment two men engaged in a bare knuckle fist fight in a shop car park in Ireland while a young child cheered them on.

The video is believed to have been filmed outside retail chain Dunnes Stores and shows the two guys apparently going shirts vs skins as they throw punches at each other for a good two minutes.

The man in green floors his shirtless opponent early on but tells him to get back to his feet so the two can carry on fighting with, admittedly, slightly more skill than you’d usually see in a bog standard drunken brawl.

Initially, a child can be heard crying as the two men throw down but, later in the Youtube clip, a kid can actually be heard shouting “Come on daddy” in support.

The youngster even has time to throw some shade at his father’s opponent, asking, “Are you a bit fat belly?” as one of the men walks away from the scene.

Meanwhile, stunned shoppers can be seen watching on in horror as they stand at the entrance of the shopping centre. And understandably so – they probably weren’t expecting a full blown Snatch clash while they were doing their weekly shop!