Footage Released Of Guy Smashing Up Donald Trump Star With Pickaxe

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For a second time during his presidency, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been destroyed by vandals.

The star was first damaged back in late 2016, when LAPD were called in to investigate after it had been attacked with a pick axe.

Now, police are back on the case after the star was heavily vandalised once again, with footage showing debris and rubble scattered all over the pavement.

The suspect was alleged to have concealed his tool in a guitar case prior to the hell-raising, according to the Daily Star.

Now, footage obtained by TMZ shows the star never stood a chance in the latest act of vandalism, as the person went at it full-force.

The video, which was filmed at around 3am (local time) on Wednesday, July 25, shows the man destroying the star on the Walk of Fame. Some time later, the man reportedly called the police himself and surrendered.

No one tried to stop him – maybe it was because he was swinging a pickaxe? But I’d like to think it was because no one objected to what he was doing in the first place?

Check it out:

Back in 2016, the original vandal, James Otis, disguised himself as a construction worker so he wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows as he savagely smashed the star into pieces.

Otis allegedly planned to auction off pieces of the star to raise money for for the legal defence of the 11 women who’ve accused Trump of groping them.

The self-proclaimed activist later released a video to explain his actions, saying:

It was very difficult. The stone was like marble, hard to get through. It would have taken an hour.

I’d like to try to go back and try to get the other part of the star. I just don’t know how to do that yet.

Donald Trump on stage in MinnesotaPA

Otis was sentenced to three years of probation and 20 days of community service, as well as being ordered to pay $4,400 (£3,300) for the damage he caused.

However, it’s not yet been revealed what punishment the latest vandal will face for his destructive work on the Walk of Fame.

Earlier this month, the British had their own way of protesting against the current US president. While there were messages from the Queen and middle fingers flying, it was another flying object which really stood out – a giant orange baby.

A six metre, orange inflatable, depicting President Trump as a giant baby with a sneering mouth and a mobile phone in his hand.

The protest was organised by a campaign group who struck a deal with the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Strict rules were in place for the flight from Parliament Square Gardens, with the balloon being tethered to the ground and restricted from floating higher than 30m, according to Sky News.

The balloon made its debut during Trump’s visit to London, coinciding with the ‘Stop Trump’ march, which saw thousands of protesters take to the streets of central London.

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