Footage Shows ‘Bigfoot Walking Through Waterfall’


Sasquatch. One of the most sought after and spoken about urban legends may have just been caught on camera, or at least that’s what some conspiracy theorists are believing. 

This minute long video begins by panning across the beautiful rolling hills of Indonesia but before long a dark Herculean figure can be clearly seen casually strolling out of a cave.

‘Bigfoot’ proceeds to walk under a waterfall leading many to fear that Bigfoot can now walk on water, reports the Daily Star.

Judging by its surroundings the creature is believed to be about eight foot tall, no matter whether it is Bigfoot or not.

It also appears that the creature is carrying something in their right hand – presumably a bucket.

Despite being described as folklore by scientists and researchers, Bigfoot sightings continue to pop up every few years.


Is this the ultimate proof to show that Bigfoot truly is an existent beast? No, probably not.