Footage Shows Creepy ‘Plague Doctor’ Stalking The Streets Of British City


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay, so people in Chester may want to buy up a whole orchard to keep the terrifying doctor who’s been seen stalking their streets away.

The silent stalker’s been spotted close to a section of the city’s walls, close to the River Dee and appears to be wearing the robes and beaked cowl of a 17th Century plague doctor.

Sinister footage filmed by a local shows the terrifying figure standing close to the river before it turns in the opposite direction and walks off, The Mirror reports.


Interestingly the eerie doctor’s been seen before, usually in the dead of night but local media reports that the video of the frightening physician wandering around was filmed in the morning.

The creepy clip was given to a local paper by Antonio Chester, who runs a famous Twitter account in Chester, and he says it was given to him by an ‘anonymous source’.


It’s easy to be dismissive of this type of nonsense when it’s a blurry CCTV image but this creepy figure even has a Facebook page where he taunts people asking: ‘Where shall I roam tonight?’ and ‘I wonder how many of you will find me’.

Twitter’s definitely creeped out:

While we can definitively say he’s (probably) not a ghost the Doctors mission wasn’t revealed until recently and it’s disappointingly mundane.

Apparently Big Heritage a Chester-based heritage and archaeology company have been filming something for an upcoming attraction.

Which is good news for Chester, if a little boring…