Footage Shows Dead Snake Still Wriggling And Reason Why Is Super Gross

Copperhead-snake-still-moving-after-deathLive Leak via The Mirror

This is the incredibly creepy moment a dead snake kept on wriggling even after it was crushed.

And no, this time it wasn’t because of the nerve endings continuing to send signals to the spinal cord, thus causing the snake to spasm – it’s a whole lot more disgusting.

It is, in fact, spasming because its dead body is full of maggots.

A caption on the original video read:

Found a partially crushed baby copperhead in the driveway today.

Went to take a picture of it and discovered it was still moving. After further examination, I found that it was not some postmortem muscle spasm causing the movement, but rather the fact that it was full of maggots.

No idea how long it was there.