Footage Shows Girl Brutally Take Down Boy Accused of ‘Bullying Students’


A video showing a teen girl brutally taking down a ‘bully’ has emerged online.

The footage, which was posted on Facebook, shows a teen girl throwing a boy down on the ground then smashing her knee into his face – twice – before fleeing the scene with a teacher in hot pursuit, the Sonoma Index-Tribune reports.

A woman is heard yelling, ‘Get that girl! Right now! Who is that girl?’ as the attacker runs off, leading to speculation the girl was not well known among high school students and teachers.

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Allegedly the boy who was beaten had been bullying girls on the school campus and provoked the girl’s violent response. Many Facebook commentors suggested that the boy had gotten what he deserved but the school has denied the allegations.

They said:

We never condone violence in any shape or form. People are commenting on Facebook without any knowledge of the incident, and it’s just unfortunate that those are the things we deal with.

Neither the girl nor the boy can be identified from the video and the police were not called although an ambulance was contacted to check on the boy’s condition.

The video was shot on the campus of Sonoma Valley High School, and the Principal Kathleen Hawing confirmed the incident took place last Thursday.

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

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