Footage Shows Guy Going To Extremes To Catch Ryanair Flight

by : UNILAD on : 09 Aug 2016 12:25

If you’re about to miss your flight, you pretty much do everything you can not to – run through terminals, knock people over, yell obscenities – but would you jump off a loading dock and run across the runway to catch it?


This guy did.

Footage shows a man running onto the tarmac at Madrid’s main international airport to catch his Ryanair flight after missing the plane’s final boarding call. And it probably wasn’t a good idea.

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In a major security breach, the guy somehow got past staff at the gate, jumped off the loading dock with two bags in tow, landed on the tarmac and started sprinting across the runway. Unsurprisingly, he was stopped by ground crew members.


The video, which was recorded by a ground crew member at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport and posted on Facebook by the Workers’ Commissions trade union, stops before we know whether or not they actually let him on his flight, but there’s a good chance they didn’t.

Last year, an Italian couple was arrested and fined more than £1,600 after they evaded security and ran onto the tarmac at Malta’s international airport, the Daily Mail reports. So it wouldn’t be surprising if he was handed a fine rather than his seat.


And apparently this security breach isn’t all that uncommon. A member of the Workers’ Commissions trade union, who posted the video on Facebook, wrote that they had witnessed 10 incidents in seven years where passengers have forced open a gate’s doors.

While it’s definitely the fault of the passenger for putting themselves (and others) in danger, you’d think security at the gate would be a tad tighter.

It was a good effort, though.

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