Footage Shows How Colonel Gaddafi Was Hunted And Brutally Killed

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Five years to the day, Libya’s ex-leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was brutally killed by rebels who found him hiding in drainage pipes.

The following day, dead Gaddafi, who was internationally condemned as a dictator, was put on public display in a local storage freezer.


Then-US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton reacted to his death by simply saying ‘we came, we saw, he died.’

Here’s a timeline of the months and days leading up to his vicious murder, as reported by RT:


17 March 2011 – UN imposes No Fly Zone Over Libya


To protect civilian under threat of attack in the country, the UN demanded an immediate ceasefire and imposed a ban on all flights in Libya’s airspace.

They adopted resolution 1973 which excludes flights that are for the sole purpose of humanitarian aid.

19 March 2011 – NATO Starts Bombing Libya


The UK Ministry of Defence attacked targets near the town of Ajdabiya as part of coordinated strikes against Gaddafi’s forces.

The UN Security Council’s resolutoion called for the use of ‘all necessary means’ to protect civilians, and French fighter jets were deployed ove Libya.

29 April 2011 – NATO Target Gaddafi’s House


Jets bombard a house in the capital, Tripoli where Gaddafi is staying with his family.

NATO were accused of overstepping UN resolution as the attack, which was aimed at the leader, killed his son and three grandchildren.

21 June 2011 –  ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Gaddafi For His ‘Crimes Against Humanity’


The International Criminal Court (ICC) granted an arrest warrant for Gaddafi for his ‘crimes against humanity’.

21 August 2011 – Rebels Enter Tripoli and Gaddafi Vows To Fight ‘Till End’

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) rebels entered the country’s capital and start a siege og the government bulidings.

Gaddafi makes an audio address via state television to vow to continue fighting ‘until the end’.

23 August 2011 – Rebel Fighters Seize Gaddafi Tripoli Stronghold

Rebel fighter take down another Gaddafi stronghold in Bab al-Aziziya in Tripoli, where they smashed statues of the Colonel.

28 August 2011 – Gaddafi Flees Tripoli To His Hometown Of Sirte

The Colonel and his closest inner circle flee to Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte where they tried to hold their ground and continue resistance.

1 September 2011 – Gaddafi Calls For Fighting To Continue

On the 42nd anniversary of his rise to power, Gaddafi addresses his supporters and instructs them to continue resistance against NATO.

He says:

Libyan people, are they animals to be ruled?

You have to continue resistance, Tripoli has to continue,

15 September 2011 – David Cameron Are Cheered In Benghazi As He Says ‘You Chose Freedom’

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and UK Prime Minister David Cameron fly to Libya’s city of Benghazi and are cheered as they receive a heroes’ welcome.

Cameron congratulates the bravery of Libyan’s in getting rid of a ‘dictator’ and choosing freedom.

21 September 2011 – Key Gaddafi Stronghold Falls, Leaving Only Two

One of the main strongholds of Gaddafi loyalists is taken over by rebels, leaving only two in the Colonels birthplace of Sirte.

13 October 2011 – Rebels Capture The City Of Sirte Causing Gaddafi to Move ‘Every Four Or Five Days’

Libyan opposition forces claim the rest of Sirte, leaving only district two, where Gaddafi was hiding.

Gaddafi’s close aid, Mahmoud Dhao, reports that they ‘movede places every four or five days.’

19 October 2011 – Rebels Shell Final Gaddafi Stronghold

Rebels finally infiltrate district number two where they employ heavy missile launchers against Gaddafi and his loyalists.

20 October 2011 – Gaddafi Attempts To Flee District Two And NATO Strike Kills Convoy

In a convoy of about 50 pickup trucks carrying 250 people, Gaddafi attempts to escape from Sirte before being hit by a NATO airstrike which kills dozens.

20 October 2011 – Gaddafi Captured And Killed By Rebels (Graphic Content)

Gaddafi is found hiding in a drainage pipe by rebels.

The fighters capture the colonel and he is brutally abused and sodomised, before being shot at.

20 October 2011 – Hilary Clinton says ‘we came, we saw, he died’

Mrs Clinton had paid an unexpected visit to Tripoli earlier in the week and pledged millions of dollars in new aid to the country.

When she found out the news of Gaddafi’s capture, she joked with the news journalist saying ‘we came, we saw, he died.’

21 October 2011 – Gaddafi’s Body Put On Display In Misrata

The body of the late leader was transferred to the city of Misrata where it was put on display in a local storage freezer.

The Muslim burial tradition was violated as the body was laid to rest several days after his death, as oppose to being laid to rest on the same day.


Gaddafi’s last words as he begged for mercy were reportedly ‘what did I do to you?’

He was buried in an unmarked grave to avoid anyone creating a shrine.

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