Footage Shows Men In Biohazard Suits Pulling ‘Merman’ From Lake


Could this finally be the indisputable proof that mermen exist we’ve all been waiting for?

The footage, captured in Poland, claims to show the moment people in white biohazard suits pulled a merman from a lake and stretchered him away.

In the bizarre video, a fish tail is clearly visible on the large figure being carried by the guys, before it’s handed over to two men dressed as paramedics.

As they place the supposedly mythical creature on the stretcher, the ‘merman’ (long beard and all) is clearly visible and lies down, before he’s wheeled away by the apparent paramedics.

Naturally, as soon as the footage was posted online, conspiracy theorists pointed to it as proof that there are in fact half men/half fish living under the sea, just like Disney always told us.

Those people claiming that the whole scene is a hoax or a scene being filmed from a movie, however, are clearly deluded. I mean, we have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of this whatsoever. None.