Footage Shows Murder Suspect Escape Interrogation Room Through Roof

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This is the terrifying moment a murder suspect in the U.S. was able to break his handcuffs and escape the interrogation room through the roof. 

The man in the video is Texan murder suspect, Alonzo Perez, who is alleged to have shot a man dead outside McDonald’s because he accidentally didn’t hold the door open for Alonzo’s girlfriend, reports The Telegraph.


According to police, the victim, Mohammad Robinson, was walking into a McDonald’s restaurant as Alonzo’s girlfriend was leaving, but he didn’t keep the door open for the girl.

Alonzo’s girlfriend said something to Robinson before her boyfriend confronted him in the parking lot where the two had an argument.

However out of nowhere Perez is alleged to have pulled out a handgun and shot Robinson multiple times.


He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.


After Perez escaped police didn’t realise he was gone for over 25 minutes however they caught him shortly afterwards in a stolen vehicle – still wearing his ankle cuffs.

Hopefully Robinson’s killer gets exactly what they deserve for such a senseless killing.

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    Murder suspect escapes police custody by breaking handcuffs