Footage Shows Muslims Shutting Down Hate Preaching Extremists

Channel 4/Facebook

Footage of Muslims stepping in to shut down preachers of hate in London has gone viral online.

The video is an extract from Channel 4‘s documentary The Jihadis Next Door.

In the clip, the extremist preachers are repeatedly confronted by followers of Islam who do not support radicalism.

Opposition from the Muslim community is so strong that the preachers even talk about how they are best not visiting mosques to spread their message due to the backlash they will inevitably encounter.

Muslims challenge extremist preachersThese radical Islamist preachers took their extremist message to the streets of London and got shut down again and again by ordinary Muslims.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The footage was put together over a two-year period and features Abu Rumaysah, a former bouncy castle salesman who is believed to have replaced ‘Jihadi John’ as an executioner for ISIS.

The full documentary is well worth your time and serves as evidence that the vast majority of the British-Muslim community is dedicated to spreading a message of peace.