Footage Shows Mysterious Light Hovering Over Yellowstone Supervolcano


Ufologists have claimed that aliens are monitoring the Yellowstone supervolcano and that they have the video evidence to prove it.

Youtube user Kat Martin2016 posted the clip online which shows a live camera feed from an elk refuge near Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA.

The footage appears to show a strange bright light moving slowly in front of the camera.

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However Kat admits that she had ulterior motives for posting the UFO video online.

She claims she posted the footage to see if alien-hunters would claim it was proof UFOs existed.

Instead of the light being visitors from another world, Kat thinks it was just a reflection or a passing car.


Kat Martin2016 commented on her channel:

I was browsing some live cams and stopped in at the Elk refuge, and this happened haha!

In the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. It is probably a passing vehicle that caused the reflection, but I am sure some will think it is the handiwork of aliens and that the reflection is a tiny spaceship.

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Of course UFO hunters almost immediately proclaimed the footage to show a bona fide alien vessel and took to the Internet to verify the video.

One wrote on their blog: 

Glowing UFOs have been caught on many wildlife animal cameras, so this is nothing new.

The shadows on the side of this object make me think it’s a three-dimensional object and not a reflection.

Alien drones often record data of creatures in nature. This catch may be one of those drones.

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Meanwhile a second blogger suggested that this video and other proves aliens were monitoring the super-volcano because it’s about to erupt, which is a bit worrying.

Let’s hope Kat’s right and it’s not really a UFO or else things may be about to get a bit toasty…