Footage Shows North Korea Blasting Missiles As Kim Jong-Un Watches On

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jan 2016 16:54

I don’t think guy will be truly happy until World War Three erupts, but at least he got to watch another missile launch…


Footage has emerged of North Korea launching a ballistic missile from a submarine- as Kim Jong-un watches on.

The video – published by the People’s Daily China – shows the weapon emerging from beneath the waves and flying into the sky.


The fat, war-mongering prick looks like he’s loving life as the camera pans to him standing on the deck of a nearby boat, smiling ear to ear.

This latest launch comes after North Korea announced a few days back that they’ve successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

The secretive state made the announcement on TV and radio, claiming the test was one of a number of ‘eye-catching miracles’ and, in a bizarre accompanying statement, Kim Jong-un wrote about welcoming in the new year with the explosion.

However, many experts have downplayed North Korea’s nuclear threat and believe that it wasn’t a real hydrogen bomb.

Only time will tell I guess… what a time to be alive!

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