Footage Shows North Korea Capital Completely Empty

by : Julia Banim on : 09 Sep 2017 14:56
Aram Pan/YouTube

A pilot from Singapore has captured footage of North Korean capital, Pyongyang, looking completely deserted.

Aram Pan filmed and released the chilling birds-eye video, which shows the city looking like a ‘ghost town’ with eerily empty streets and public spaces.


The rural areas outside the centre also reveal very few signs of life.

Aram Pan/YouTube

The footage has now led some to believe Pyongyang – with its reported population of 2.58 million – has been evacuated, perhaps in preparation for the launching of another missile.

41-year-old Aram is part of DPRK360, a project which attempts to shed light on North Korea through the sharing of photographs and video footage online.


As world leaders become increasingly nervous about North Korea’s expanding nuclear capabilities, these new images will do nothing to quell fears.

You can watch the footage for yourself below:

If this is indeed an evacuation of Pyongyang, it may not be the first time.


Back in April, Russian newspaper Pravda Report reported how 600,000 Pyongyang residents were evacuated before a missile launch.

This new footage comes after Kim Jong-un’s recent promise to enact ‘powerful countermeasures’, sparking fresh fears of an intercontinental ballistic missile being fired towards the USA.

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