Footage Shows Police Shooting Dead Unarmed Black Man ‘With Mental Health Issues’

by : UNILAD on : 01 Oct 2016 15:30

Footage has been released showing the moment police officers in California opened fire on unarmed 38-year-old Alfred Olango.


Ugandan-born Olango was shot dead by officers from El Cajon on Tuesday, The Mirror reports.

Olango was later discovered to be carrying a vaping device, and had been described in emergency calls as ‘mentally unstable’.

Prosecutors say an investigation is underway, however, no decision has been made as to whether officers Richard Gonsalves and Josh McDaniel will face criminal charges.


Video shows Olango being confronted by the two men in the car park of the Los Ponchos taco stand in El Cajon.

Olango was tasered and four shots rang out before he slumped to the floor, after one bystander had tragically called out to officers not to shoot him.

El Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed ManEl Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed ManGetty

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said:

This is as difficult a situation as any law enforcement officer will ever encounter and its one we never seek.

That being the case, a tragic event took place that took a life and had a major impact on our community.

Olango’s mother has since argued her son was suffering a mental breakdown, a claim back up by the family’s lawyer. Dan Gilleon says the mobile phone and CCTV footage shows police had ‘provoked a mentally disturbed person.’

El Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed ManEl Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed ManGetty

The claims have been countered by police who say Olango pointed his vaping device at them while in a ‘shooting stance’, and ignored commands to present his hands.


Gonsalves and McDaniel, both 21-year police veterans, have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

Olango’s death is yet another tragic loss of life in a nation where controversial police tactics continue to require scrutiny.

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    Footage shows moment unarmed black man 'with mental health issues' shot dead by police