Footage Shows Street Turn Into War Zone By Dangerous Fireworks Display

RPY_BANG_15Ross Parry

Bonfire night, the one evening where you can guarantee some idiots are going to do something stupid with fireworks.

This year the idiots were a group of kids in Sheffield, who let off a barrage of fireworks in the street – creating a beautiful yet dangerous series of explosions.

In a video of the incident, red, green and white shots can be seen flying around what looks like the most visually impressive war zone ever.

RPY_BANG_13Ross Parry

Sheffield councillor Nasima Akhtar was at the scene, and was angry that these youngsters had spoiled the evening for others.

She thanked local volunteers for stopping them from “attacking buses and private cars, businesses and locals”.

The councillor added: “They were uncontrollable. I feel sorry for the residents and businesses – every year they have to put up with this.”

Councillor Akhtar called 999 for help but said the police were “very relaxed about their actions”.

.Ross Parry

One local resident who didn’t want to be named also said they thought the police could have done more, saying:

The police did nothing…didn’t come near the place. When riot police came they were from outside the area and didn’t have a clue what to do.

There was no coordination at all – they started to trouble local residents who had come out to stop the kids.

Luckily no one has been reported as injured.

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.