Footage Shows Terrifying Moment Thousands Of Bees Swarm UK Garden


A woman in rural Yorkshire captured the horrifying moment that a colossal swarm of honeybees flooded her back garden.

Rosalind Ross, 49, was minding her own business when the buzzing insects descended from the skies like a Biblical plague just outside of her home in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, The Mirror reports.


The poor woman, who has a fear of insects, was petrified but managed to shut all the windows before they could invade her home, recording the swarm from the conservatory with her husband, Andrew.

The monstrous swarm flew around the garden for about 15 minutes before buzzing off down the street, but poor Rosalind was left shaking for a whole ten minutes after the incident.

Huge-swarm-of-bees-fill-the-skies-in-Yorkshire (1)Rosalind

Speaking to The Mirror, Rosalind said:

Andrew kept saying there looks to be a load of midgets outside in our garden. I chose to ignore it as I’m not keen on anything that flies, unless it’s aeroplanes.

He said it about 3 times, so I turned around to have a look and got the shock of my life. Swarming outside was literally thousands of, what I first thought was wasps.

Andrew said they were honey bees I then remembered our bedroom window was open and asked him to go and close it quickly.

Experts say that honeybees swarm when they’re looking for a new site to colonise and build a nest, and the good weather we’ve been enjoying makes it an ideal time for honey bees to start swarming.