Footage Shows UK Police Deal With ‘Armed’ Suspect Without Shooting Him

police bb WEB 1West Midlands Police

Almost every day now it seems like a story emerges about the U.S. police using lethal force to deal with a suspect they believe to be armed.

While there are almost certainly many cases too where the American police deal with a situation like this without shooting the suspect, it’s still a major concern just how many instances there are where the U.S. cops appear to be too trigger happy when dealing with incidents of this nature.

So it’s certainly interesting to see this CCTV footage of how British police dealt with a situation in which they came across a suspect they believed to be armed in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police have released the clip showing the moment officers pulled up and pointed their weapons at a suspect who appeared to be holding a gun, the Daily Mail reports.

It turned out that the 16-year-old actually had a BB gun and, when the officers pointed their weapons at the teenager, he dropped the toy gun and stood against the wall with his hands up as the police moved towards him, without using any unnecessary violence against the suspect.

police bb WEB 2West Midlands Police

Constable Rob Pedley said:

They identified themselves as armed officers and at this I think he panicked really but he produced from inside his coat what turned out to be a toy gun.

The officers saw the gun come out and the officer describes how he withdrew his gun and began to squeeze the trigger, saw the hammer coming back and knew that if he squeezed just another 2-3mm he would be shooting this person in the chest. This person later turned out to be a 16-year-old lad with a toy gun.

The police were reportedly tipped off about the teenager by a member of public who saw something suspicious around his waist.