Footage Shows Woman Beating Watermelon Thigh Crushing World Record

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2016 17:44

There’s just something tantalising about watching a Ukrainian strongwoman crush countless watermelons between her thighs in a desperate attempt to set a world record. 


I guess most people dream of setting the world record for the fastest 100m, the most keepy-upys, or the most orgasms in a single day – but Olga Liashchuk, she just wanted to crush watermelons, according to the Guinness World Record.

Olga is a Ukranian strongwoman who’s lifelong ambition is to become the strongest woman in the world so understandably I guess it makes sense that she set her mind – and terrifying solid thighs – to obliterating melons.


Liashchuk claimed that by going for the world record for destroying watermelons it would be an easy road into the strongwoman world – but she was wrong, so very wrong – for crushing watermelons is no task for just anybody; you have to be blessed to possess that superior melon crushing power.


A wise man once said that ‘to be able to squash melon between thigh and quad alone, one must possess the inner and outer strength of a demi-God’.

But by Jove Olga has got it, and although Olga didn’t set the world record for the most watermelons crushed, she  demolished the world record for the fastest time to crush 3 watermelons between the thighs – doing it in 14.65 seconds.


The record was set in Milan back in 2014 however the bizarre video is making one helluva resurgence after being uploaded to the Guinness World Records YouTube page yet again…

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