Football Legend Eric Cantona Is Going To Swim The English Channel



Manchester United footballing legend Eric Cantona has confirmed that he will swim the English Channel.

The flying kick specialist will take the plunge as part of a Kronenbourg advertising campaign. He really is going hell for leather for these guys at the moment. Just last month he said he would dust down his swimsuit if 10,000 people agreed that the lager was the best in the world.

In a YouTube video for the beer company, the Frenchman and former Leeds United player says, “I have an announcement to make. I Cantona, will swim the English channel to Britain, if you agree with me that Kronenbourg is the supreme tasting beer in the world.”

eric cantona

He continued: “I have never turned down an opportunity to be bold and make a statement in the name of something I believe in. I Cantona, will swim the Channel in the only way I know best, and show the world once again that I stand up for what I believe in.”

Well, the public responded, and obviously, it’s on. And should Eric complete the swim, he will be the 1,285th person to do so as recognised by the Channel Swimming Association.

We have faith.