Football Star And His Girlfriend Get Into Beach Bar Brawl


Chilean football legend Marcelo Salas was caught on film getting into a massive brawl at a high-end beach bar.

Salas, 40, and his bikini-clad girlfriend Gianella Marengo had to be restrained by security at the luxury hotel in the Dominican Republic. The incident reportedly happened when a discussion with a fellow guest about rugby turned violent.


Security at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino de Punta Cana were called and three guards overpowered the former striker. They also held Marengo, a 29-year-old TV presenter, back, and the Daily Mail reported her to have been heard as screaming: “Let me go, let me go, please…let go of my hand, let me go …you are suffocating me… you are hurting me!”

When Salas, Chile’s all-time top goal scorer, was contacted about the footage he told the Daily Mail he was happy it had been shared, saying: “I don’t mind that the images have been shared, because we didn’t do anything wrong.”

Marengo added: “The only thing I tried to do was protect Marcelo because they had his head stuck in the sand and you can clearly see how they kick him when he’s on the floor.”

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Neither Salas, the hotel, or the other guest involved are pursuing the incident.